Tips on How to see someone’s Instagram Activity

Instagram is gradually becoming a favorite social media platform for many people. In fact, as per research, 35 percent of adults use Instagram and many use it in a casual manner. People who have not used this platform before or who just have begun using it know very less known facts. Instagram has lesser-known hacks, settings, tricks, comment features, and search options that you should know. Whether you are a recruiter, a marketer or an individual there are a few features that you should know about Instagram. A new feature on Instagram has made it possible for you to see someone’s activity.

If you want to know how to see someones Instagram activity or track someone’s activity, you should have talked to that person on Instagram Direct Message. To notice their activities, go to the Direct Messages from where you shall get a list of all people with whom they have communicated with. The people who were last online are the ones who have sent the last message in the Direct Message conversation. If you are in a Direct Message group, you can see the number of people who were active that day.

See the recent posts

You can see people’s recent posts by going into the home button. You then need to scroll through the news feed and see whether a post shows up. You can also know when they have made the post. Another way to see the recent posts is by visiting their profile. Go to Search and Explore and when their profile comes up, you can see at the top the recent posts and at the bottom the older posts. If an account is set as private, you need to implement different measures to see the post in someone’s account.

See who your friend followed recently

You can see who your friend followed recently through your profile. You may do that by clicking on the star button that is next to a Home button. Then you should search their username at the top of the search box. When you find the profile, tap following. This will give you a list of people your friend is following. This is the procedure followed if you want to know how to see someones Instagram activity. The top accounts in the followers’ list are influenced by the number of times their profile has been visited.

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