How to use high key lighting in your photography

To get a perfect photo clicked you need to have used several effects. High key lighting is one of the methods which is used to enhance the beauty of the picture. High key lighting emits light that spreads evenly on the scene that is being clicked. It is positioned above the camera which helps to make the scene look softer and smoother. Positioning the light in front of the subject helps you to create less shadow. These effects give your subject a creative and beautiful look and highlight the features of the subject. To get more detailed information to refer to this link

When should the photographer use high key lighting?

  • Portrait photography: The photographer should use high key lighting when clicking pictures of newborn baby, fashion shoots, marriages, etc. It gives a highly creative and vibrant look to the picture.
  • Professional photography: It can even be used to click photos for corporate purposes like to create employee portfolio, model shoots, etc.
  • Advertising photography: High key photography can also be used for photo shoots related to advertising like posters, billboards, booklets, etc.

Tips for high key lighting photography

  • To create high key lighting images use two fill lights in the background and a key light which has twice the brightness in comparison to fill light.
  • Prefer using a white background for high key lighting. However, you can even use a pastel-colored background.
  • If there is no studio light available you can even use natural light for high key lighting. Preferably the time when the sky is overcast.
  • Before the final shoot tries taking certain experimental pictures to see whether all the settings are perfectly made that will compliment your subject.
  • Avoid creating too dark shadows as it would not appeal to the eyes of the audience.

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