9 Tips On How To Set Realistic Digital Marketing Goals

One of the most fundamental steps in creating an effective plan to strategy is goal-setting. This process helps you define your targets and identify key performance indicators that will dictate if you’ve successfully achieved your goal or not.

Talking with a digital marketing company northern VA, you will know how this crucial phase is just as important in any digital marketing campaign. But setting realistic goals — especially if you are a player in the fast-paced virtual world — is easier said than done. In this feature, we’re giving you nine essential tips on how to set realistic digital marketing goals.

Thoroughly evaluate your current situation

The first thing you’d need to do is know your starting position. Are you a startup, a company coping with a revenue loss, or an established firm who’s new to the digital world? Have a clear picture of where you are and identify what your strong and weak points.

Know what you want and be specific about it

After knowing your current situation, you now have to set your goals — what do you want to achieve for a certain period? When doing this, make sure the targets you are lining up are specific, realistic, and achievable.

Set your key performance indicators

Goals should be measurable. If you want to boost your social media presence or if you want to increase traffic to your website, identify that statistics you will be looking to know what analytical tools you will be using. Also, make sure that your KPIs are attainable within the time frame you are setting.

Make sure your goals are aligned with your business’ vision

If you’re a digital marketing company northern VA, all of your endeavors and projects should gear toward that attainment of your business’ vision. Subsequently, all the goals you’ll be setting should also be aligned with it.

Know that it’s not about quantity

When it comes to goal-setting, "the more, the merrier" isn’t the case. Experts even recommend just identifying one or two core goals are time so that all of your resources will be concentrated in achieving that target.

Identify short-term and long-term goals

Why set only one or two goals at a time? It’s also because you’d have them distributed in the course of a year (or years). For instance, in this quarter, you’re only looking into increasing sales from your e-commerce platform. Next quarter, you’re boosting your presence on Instagram. The key is categorizing your short-term and long-term goals so you can allocate your resources well.

Let your employees know where the business is headed

Communication and collaboration are vital for a digital marketing company northern VA. Let them know your vision and your goals because these are the very persons whose skills and effort you’ll be needing.

Regularly review your goals

Either monthly or quarterly, it’s important to review if you are targeting your goals or you’re already lagging behind. Reevaluate your situation and review if your goals are still achievable or not.

Learn from mistakes and adjust accordingly

Upon reassessment, it’s inevitable to make the necessary adjustments accordingly. No plan is perfect, and what you can do is to learn from mistakes and apply the lessons on your next move.

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